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East Midlands Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

When you reach East Midlands Airport, please know several baggage carousels are there. Your luggage will typically arrive reasonably quickly. You must alert airport staff if your luggage has a problem, such as lost or broken items. Consequently, they can assist you in finding a solution to the issue.

If you have found or lost something at East Midlands Airport, the feedback form is the fastest way to contact the lost property team. They will get in touch with you in 10 working days. If you have any questions about where your belongings were found or lost, don't hesitate to contact the designated lost and found department at 0808 164 0792.

You could also contact the airlines. You can also contact the airlines that fly into East Midlands Airport if you may have left something behind in the airport terminal or on a flight.

The most valuable and economical method of transportation is to make a taxi reservation through EMA. One of the quickest ways to get to cities in the East Midlands region is to take a taxi.

Taxi at East Midlands Airport

The EMA's taxi service provider is Arrow Cars. The company has a dedicated desk at the airport and offers exclusive pick-up and drop-off locations.

Your trip will be more leisurely because, unlike other taxi services, taxi drivers can pick you up and drop you off directly outside the terminal building. Your needs can be met by a wide range of vehicles, including executive cars, minibusses, and estate cars.

Using our app, website, or phone number at 01332 814000, you can quickly and easily make a reservation for your airport transfer to or from East Midlands Airport.

Taxi Rates

You can pre-book your taxi transfer from and to the airport with immediate notification on the official website of Arrow Cars.

The following taxi fares are anticipated for each route:



East Midlands Airport to Derby center

£30 - £40

East Midlands Airport to  Castle Donington center


East Midlands Airport to  Leicestershire center


East Midlands Airport to  Lincoln center

£100 - £130

East Midlands Airport to  Leicester  center


East Midlands Airport to  Loughborough center


East Midlands Airport to   Nottingham center


Hotel Shuttle Services at East Midlands Airport

Shuttle services to and from East Midlands Airport are offered by several nearby hotels to their patrons. Check with your lodging beforehand to see if the service is provided, and let them know when you plan to arrive.

Visit the hotel's website to determine whether or not this service is provided.

Rideshares at East Midlands Airport

Once you get to the airport's arrivals area, use a nearby ridesharing service like Uber.

The quick 20-minute drive from East Midlands Airport to the city center is one of the most practical ways to get there.

Customers can pre-order a ride at the airport using Uber's official website or mobile app. You can plan a ride up to days or weeks in advance, any day of the year.